Small Things, Big Reality

I have a hand mixer that has served me for thirty years. Last Saturday when we were mixing seasonings into ground pork the beaters finally gave up and broke apart completely. (Fun butchering day with the family, though.) The mixer itself still runs good, so I went online to look for new beaters. I’ve hunted for them before, but this Bosch tool is so vintage that I haven’t been able to find the replacement. My Father, who cares about even my little old mixer, placed those replacement beaters right on top where I could order them in two clicks. Day after tomorrow, I can resume mashing potatoes and stiring up large batches of cookies as I have been for the last thirty years.

Who else but Bosch could make a hand appliance that would live through the beating I give my tools, for thirty years! So I read up on Bosch. If you want to be inspired by a good business story, choose the Bosch company story. Bosch invented the magneto for gas engines back in the day, and car head lights, and a long list of things we use every day. Bosch is big and important, but their work ethic and quality shows up in their smallest product.

This is not really meant as a plug for a company. It made me think. Let’s stop and notice the bigger story of the small things in our hands.

I love a newly waxed floor. Had me a little celebration.

Same idea goes for a much more important part of our lives. Let’s stop and consider the big reality of God’s plan for His church… The one He sent Jesus to die for. The one we belong to. (Never mind the messy grammar, please.) The current discussion at large has taken on this shadowy, sometimes monstrous, overwhelming quality. Feels really scary some days. Then I run back to His Word, the one with actual power and purpose, the one Living Source of wisdom and healing and washing that we can depend on. Not scary, but heartening. Jammed packed full of His plan and promises for The Church of which our scary little mess is a part. The book of Isaiah is amazing. Read chapter 35.

Perspective. A renewed mind. Transformed. Take that, ye ugly, dark doubt and fear.

4 thoughts on “Small Things, Big Reality”

  1. Take that! Thank you for these encouraging thoughts. A care to detail in your post that blessed me: the blue vase against the red checked shower curtain and the gray frame in the background. So pretty!


  2. The last line of your blog: “Perspective. A renewed mind. Transformed. Take that, ye ugly, dark doubt and fear.”
    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Thank you for the encouragement; for the bending toward the Light in these grey days.


  3. I’m impressed that you’ve used the same mixer for so long! I’ve not read up on Bosch but now I want to. Newly waxed floors and clean windows are some of my favorites too! And yes, God’s Word is the Ultimate Comfort in unsettling times. Thank you for the reminder. -Carolyn


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