Shelter and Covid-19

Of course when I chose Shelter for my word for 2020, I had no idea we were going to need that word this year. Covid-19 was just making its rounds on the other side of the world having nothing whatsoever to do with us on this side of the globe. We hadn’t heard of it yet.

I went to WalMart today. I hadn’t been “out” for days. We were out of some of our “essentials” in the refrigerator, so I looked at my ordinary stay-at-home get-up in the mirror and deciding it was fine, headed off to town. BTW, this is how Covid-19 affects me, personally. I’ll make a list. It’s a boring list. I have no wish to be insensitive. So leave or stay as you’re inclined.

  1. Covid-19, in the news. Sometimes, after a long stretch of days being Safer@Home, I go over to the news on my phone and read up for a few minutes. I cannot make heads or tails out of the truth of it. Nor can anyone else, evidently. People want the bottom line straight out. And there doesn’t seem to be any knowable “bottom line”. There are many lists of conflicting do’s and don’t s and numbers and more numbers and more conflicting reports of numbers of deaths, cases, and recoveries. Here’s the one known: we have a globally spreading virus that only God knows the outcome thereof. I’m sheltering in Him as much as possible. Am I scared? Who isn’t? Am I worried? Of course, so are you. But we know that God knows and cares. We can trust him.
  2. I am enjoying staying home day after day after day. Finally, after 15 years of panting and running to catch up; the whole train has slowed down to a manageable crawl where I can read the lettering on the cars. It is amazing. I can sleep, sometimes all night long, without once waking up.
  3. I miss church. So much.
  4. I miss families gatherings. It hurts.
  5. I love having so much one on one with my husband for the first time ever. He’s still working but mostly he’s home in the evenings and all day Sunday. Right now, we’re learning all we can about hugelkulture gardens, together.
  6. This globe where I live has shrunk, considerably. It feels so odd that the same thing we are wearing masks about is the same thing that is shutting down food markets in Myanmar and people might start being actually hungry. The same reason that gas has dropped down to pennies per gallon. I know, everybody has always been on the same globe, but now it feels more real to me.

There are some things that haven’t changed: Jesus, God’s Word, the music octave, the fact that spring is coming, and our need of Shelter from danger and storm. And eternity. Life Everlasting. These things stay.

And I was thinking today on my way to town, the clean, crisp highway rolled out before me, how short has been our modern ways and means in the whole scope of history. And how not new is this death toll due to a virus. This has happened many times over. There were the times that explorers brought new viruses to lands and peoples who had no immunity to them. People died in droves. We had a head knowledge of these historical events. This is not the same as having an experiential knowledge of such an event. We’re learning the difference now.

2020 is young. Already my word “shelter” has taken on meaning I couldn’t possibly have anticipated. What’s next? Omniscient God knows. That’s fine then. It’s all we have. It’s more like … Who needs anything else!

2 thoughts on “Shelter and Covid-19”

  1. Thanks Arla that was said or written so well. My word has been simply rest & I have done some resting of body, soul, & spirit. I read & listened to news, links, till I was very much at an unrest. I can’t fjgure it out so I let it rest with the one who has it covered.

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