A Heap Of Livin’

We stood back and admired an hour’s work of nailing pine T and G to the entry wall and agreed. “Let’s keep going.” Thus, space by space, until the alcove was done, or about half way around the inside walls of the house. We were quite weary and still had cleanup to do. So the evening found us still trudging. Besides wanting to leave things tidy, we planned to leave by seven for church down in Wisconsin next morning.

It was a good Sunday in our own scattered way. Covid has opened our minds to thinking outside all of our tidy this-is-how-to-do-church boxes. Right now we’re lawn churching at the pastor’s house.

But by Monday morning our cabin adventure was fast losing its charm. The week ahead loomed long. We have been consistently biting off big projects on top of moving and working.  Finally we needed to step back and rethink.  One thing I’ll say in our defense: we can learn from our mistakes and we will go back to the drawing board when it comes to planning how we want to do life.

It takes a heap of livin’ to make a house a home.

Edgar Guest

We again reminded each other that what we really want is to take care of each other and to enjoy our real life now in the process.

After this we will tackle our projects with a beginning and an ending point known and understood by both of us. Granted, we want to finish the cabin, but we want to love it while we do it. Besides, when something as important and permanent as finishing our cabin dwelling is happening, we should let time and that heap of livin’ grow the best design for us.

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