Close Up

We would not have chosen gypsum board for our walls, but it was already here. So we came down off our high horses and admitted that using what we had in hand would be better stewardship in more than one way. The paint color is what you’re supposed to appreciate about these pictures above. It’s white, yes, but it’s a warm, white color called Swiss Mocha. And it’s exactly right.

The outdoor park bench turned into a phone place, indoors, today. Our phone booster is located near the ceiling here. It’s a great location for our desks just above. But downstairs, we have to, at times, stay close to it in order to have decent reception. Hence the idea of bringing in the bench today before it started to snow, turned into a good one. I paid six dollars at the laundromat to get those dear old cushions clean and sweet smelling. And it truly did just happen that the colors of the framed art are right for the couch. Although if you think about it, it’s not so surprising. The process of elimination: what’s “in”for colors and then what of those I’ll actually bring home, anyway, in anything of decor or furniture, rules out a lot of randomness.

When Brad stepped in the door the first time after I had varnished the plywood subfloor, he hesitated as he sat his luggage down to take off his shoes, “Why is there water all over the floor over here?”

I love a shining, wood floor. We dream of pine planks or hardwood on our floors, but till then we must have clean floors. Clean floors for babies and for my personal satisfaction of civilized living. Twelve years of weekender’s tracks of Minnesota Arrowhead red clay on unfinished plywood creates quite a patina. Not to mention stains and the regular wear and tear of living on raw wood. Also, of course, are the ordinary imperfections of plywood subfloor. How  was I to get decent cleanable floors? I had no choice but to be resourceful. I bought a gallon of high gloss floor polyurethane a year ago, then life happened and I didn’t get a chance to apply it. We ended up taking it to the Stonehouse to keep it from freezing. So that picture of the floor of my dreams pictured on the side of the can, looking me in the eye each time I needed something in the closet, last winter, encouraged me. Besides, as I thought about it, I realized the need for stain to even up the patina.

It took me most of three days to do the job. Sanding, with the electric palm sander was the hardest part and took the most time. At first, I thought I should sand off every stain and imperfection, but just a few minutes in, I realized that wasn’t possible. I settled for mostly smooth and clean. Three sections in three days: sanding, staining, and two coats of varnish made for long days of working and a lot of waiting for paint varnish to dry. There were ventilation needs that involved fans and open windows. I just don’t like fans. They make me feel like flying apart eventually. So when Brad asked about the water on the floor a week after it was completely dry, I felt quite accomplished. It’s beautiful and cleanable and it is not slippery in the least.

Today is Wednesday. Technically, I’m snowed in, because my car is not capable of wading through very deep snow. And I choose not to, as well, personally. Because I don’t have to. Today, all I will get done is to fill the woodbox, watch the birds, scribble, read, and check the digital readout on the systems as needed and the regular chores of sweeping up the fall flies and keeping fires. Right now the generator is charging the batteries and taking it’s good old time. We think we’re going to move the freezer outdoors and let the Minnesota winter keep it frozen. This should ease up the work for the batteries.

Lest you get to thinking that I’m bored and rotting away, selfishly, I’ll tell you that today, being snowed in, is a gift.

... To seek a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands...             I Thessalonians 4:11

1 thought on “Close Up”

  1. Your floor looks very nice! I sort of envy (not the malicious kind of envy) your cabin in the woods. Cozy is what comes to mind.


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