Happy Inspiration

It’s a cold Monday in February. With the day stretching out before me, I made the adult decision to be inspired.

My beloved button fern has finally, during this second winter of its life, outgrown the white watering can pot. Plants grow well in this cabin with its many windows, so it’s time to move plants to bigger pots.

Hence the repotting of the fern. I only needed a bigger pot for it. The minimalist in me kicked in. Imagine me casting about our little spaces… What can be pressed into duty as a new fern pot around here? Then landing on this basket sitting by itself behind Elvs chair. It is not being used for what I intended anyway-all the things are either on the stand or the floor… Never in the basket. I know, I feel rather clever, too. I lined it with the plastic gunny sack material of a saved bird seed bag. Viola! All that was left to do was to plant the succulent into the white pot.

To complete the fun of this adventure, I arranged them on the piano where they’ll prosper well. Then I lit the candle and took these pictures, so that I could blog something happy and inspiring for you all. Perfect, cold, winter day well spent.

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