Living Water Sourced

It made a lot of good sense. It was comforting and alarming all at once. So, it must have been a great sermon. Sunday morning sermons are the place where last week’s failures and this week’s resolutions meet.

I brought away with me a renewed determination to source my stream in Jesus. Mostly, this means I hope you’ll be comforted and hopeful in what God is doing in our lives after you’ve been with me. Of course, I blew it first thing this morning. So now I’m equipped with a fresh knowledge of my humanness and of the importance of remembering the source part of this walk. And no, I am not going to tell you any details about that.

Life in abundance. These words are from Jesus. It’s what we get for following the Good Shepherd and for knowing His voice. Read John 10 for yourself. I made a list of the things that make up my personal abundant life.

  • The simple message of the gospel applied.
  • Being Elvs wife.
  • And being a mom to a passel of adults who love Jesus and Marmee to 18 little people.
  • Friendships and siblings.
  • Fellowship and worship with believers.
  • Work and projects.
  • And gardening.
  • Enjoying the creation. We live close to Lake Superior.
  • Bird watching and tramps in the woods.
  • Hope for our mourning in dark times.
  • Finally, I’m catching on to happy solitude instead of loneliness.

In the end, there’s heaven. That’s the part where God says he’ll wipe away our tears. Oh wait, that implies sorrow and suffering till we get there. Sigh.

Thriving, not just surviving. The gospel lets us in on that wonderful grace of Jesus.

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