My Own People

I just want to say right here that if I had more sister time, I would be a better person. Only a sister can cut to the chase with wisdom and advise when you need it. Even when you didn’t know you needed it. We baked cookies and made salad and did dishes in her kitchen together today because that’s what she happened to be doing. And we clicked. She uses the same method and tools as I do. Her kitchen made sense to me. So I’m grateful for this day. I’ll be treasuring it as inspiration and comfort.

Mom placed this lovely bouquet of fresh flowers in my room. The room is full of the fragrance reminding me that my visit was anticipated with love.

I’ve been talking with mom a lot lately about her girlhood days. And of youth days and when she and Dad were dating. My first memories of Mom go back to when she was 24 years old. She remembers her opinions and thought processes as a teenager. Mom inspires me constantly.

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