Enjoyable Work

If I had a big house with a grand entrance or a great hall I would add one of these to that room so that as you came in you’d see it first thing. On the other hand, I hope that we would just be this to any comers, guest or family member.

It’s a dull day at work today unless I am “fluffing’ the inventory. First thing, I reset the table linens into orderly rows and stacks. Now the placemats, napkins, and runners are shop-able. It’s one of those jobs that I keep reminding myself of my mom or Aunt Eva, because each time I walk by that area today I enjoy a “sense of accomplishment”, again.

The challenge of today is wanting to sell the quilts we have here. Apparently we aren’t displaying them. Well, to be honest, we aren’t. They’re near to the bedroom part of the store, but we can’t see them. It’s unfortunate because they’re Donna Sharp brand which is to be interpreted as beautiful and well made. So I am working on improving the situation. Perhaps next week I will be able to fix this problem.

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