Houseplants and Chalk Paint and Summer Creations

I am collecting house plants for when we live in a real house again. These starts finally rooted in their vases after literally months of my rotten tenderlovingcare. In anticipation of a large, south facing window, and a prospect of settling in for a few seasons, new glazed plant pots seem appropriate.

Elv bought a tiny roll top desk at the school fund raiser auction. It’s going into the children’s library play room, also in our “real” house. It is where the craft supplies for the grandkids will be.

My first experience with chalk paint has turned out nicely. I have to say though that I wouldn’t choose chalk paint again unless the same thing happened.  Which was, that I had this moment, this store,  to get paint to do this project and the only paint available was chalk paint.

There’s a bouquet outside your house for your table inside. There is. Even if the cut flowers you planted from seed this year are still not blooming. Even if you don’t have a garden. There are flowers and greenery everywhere.

Here’s a list of what’s in this bouquet.

Two kinds of roses from the bushes that always come back.

Astilbe. Yes it’s a perennial, not a cut flower, but it is. You can’t kill this flower by taking it for your vases.

Sunshine bush flowers in yellow. We’ve had this little bush for all the years. Earlier it only existed because sand isn’t very nutritious for shrubbery. With old hay, rabbit manure, cardboard, and oak leaf compost (yes, it’s ok to use oak leaves, if you can figure out how to get them to rot) the garden soil works, finally. And the little yellow bush has become a big, beautiful, yellow-flowering shrub.

Oregano. That’s the spikes in my bouquet. I realized yesterday that it was already flowering. Oregano is a mint with the typical, lovely leaf arrangement that is so beautiful. Just look at mint sometime with your eyes open so that you are actually seeing.

Daisy. I planted three varieties of white daisies three years ago.

So I can create bouquets. But Elv builds trailers, that are handy for hauling. And he goes to the bother of making them beautiful with treated wood and painted metal.

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