We’re between addresses this summer. The post offices are confused about our whereabouts. So are the bank and the clinic. Our extended families and church friends are still wondering, too. It’s an interesting place to live as long as we’re not anxious about it. More quiet here in some ways. No junk mail to sort.

Housekeeping is easy; but no less important and I get to bring flowers and sparkling clean to this small, in between place, too. There’s something deeply tranquil about a clean bathroom.

We have plans to move in to a real house at an address that should solve all the questions for awhile. So don’t worry. We’re good.

New subject now. Not sure what all should be said from my perspective, but I’m feeling fairly passionate about this.

Lately, there is a rising and swelling of voices among Anabaptist activists. A general clamor and outcry. Of course, there is a perfectly legitimate reason. Crime and injustice and abuse should be exposed, of course. But, I am honestly worried that this noise is all there’s going to be about it. When do we get to bring the Gospel to our situations? When are we going to get quiet enough to attend to the work the Holy Spirit wants to do in our own hearts.

Even the church people at Ephesus didn’t get to pull the pass card. They had horrid abuse and ” situations” in their pasts. They knew the noise of mob-ness intimately. They were activists, I’m sure, because Paul gave them instructions about shouting and slander. Read it in Ephesians 4: 31,32.

May I remind us all that while we denounce skeletons, we must also provide a real place where the Holy Spirit can convince and comfort our children. What will your grandchildren be living and preaching? It’s up to you. What did you worry about today? What words and actions? Who did you pray to and worship today?

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