Innsbruck Summer

Living in the Innsbruck is almost over. We’ll be moving into a real house in a month. We won’t miss this travel trailer living, but we made it do nicely since April mud days.

Parked in Clark’s back yard has turned out well. It’s been fun for the children, too, I think. I am treasuring these times… Glad to have accumulated some treasurable memories again. And another season is in the offing.

Some things I didn’t expect of this summer are:

  • The car now has tiny droplets of pitch across the windshield and roof. Thanks, you beautiful, old, pine trees. Once while the sun was hot, I was able to pick off a lot of them, but of course I’ll have to use a special cleaner. After we move, that is.
  • The smoke from Canada’s wild fires. How is it that we can even smell the smoke? Like charred woods.
  • The opportunities I had to help the girls in their busy summer. (With a small dwelling, home keeping is quick and easy.) I had time. So we made up for lack of doing things together from last winter.
  • That the sweet corn and tomatoes growing lush in spite of our late planting and hot, dry weather.

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