Ordinary Riches

Everybody worried that normal would never come back to us again. But, I’ll take this normal. Growing house plants and crocheting mittens are about as ordinary as it gets. I’m relishing this season to the full. Firewood chores and Thanksgiving plans recall traditions from childhood. It’s properly snowy and cold. Thanking God for all of it.

I want to show you something else that I’m enjoying these days. We moved into this house in August and still there are whole walls innocent of decor. There’s no hurry, really. I’d rather have no decor than something we don’t like.

Amy and I stopped at a used shop last week to browse a bit. I had wall art in mind and from past experience I knew that used shops sometimes yield treasure. The art area was in a jam to the point that we couldn’t shop it. The whole row was tipped sideways and stuck. I knelt down using my best shop keeper strategy and began sorting and setting it all back up. What a mess. Ignoring the broken piece, we found a few viable pieces of art. They were rather inexpensive and things I would not have noticed last year, but these framed florals have caught my eye lately.

So I gather up old brass taper holders and framed art to create collages of my own style. For pennies. Worthwhile things that have meaning and old beauty.

To me the fun is in the hunt and what comes of waiting and developing what we will enjoy. I’m not desperate to complete any part of our home decor right away. I know, I’ve talked about this before. We don’t want a lot of stuff and clutter. And often, less is more.

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