A Picture Posting

I guess I’ll take it one at a time. Which will make it out of order because these pictures loaded themselves up any which order. It’s been a good month.

Dru and Lisl’s children were here Saturday. We did all the things you do with grandkids in winter: played in the snow, sled rides with Grandpa, hot chocolate and cookies, train play, and even a puzzle. Last of all, we dug out the Cricut machine and glitter glue to make these snowflakes. It had been so long since I used Cricut, the children hasn’t seen it before.

With her house heated, Lacey has adjusted to her first winter beautifully. We arranged it all just so for her, blanket and heater, and then she rearranged it to her own satisfaction.

House plants and white lights for these short December days help my thankfulness. New shade coverings help, too. Now when the early, grey dusk takes over, we shut the dark out.

Meanwhile the Nebraska grand children performed their Christmas songs for the church community and then again at the state capital building in Lincoln. I feel quite gratified that our grandchildren get to do all the happy Christmas-y things, school parties and performances and new dresses just we did as children. While it was our children needing the special clothes and evening activities I admit it was a stretch sometimes to get it all done, but the richness of Christmas traditions is worth every busy minute. I am truly grateful to our children who want all these things for their own and lean into the strain without complaining. These are times of freedom and joy. Be joyful about the busy … It lightens the load.

One my siblings provided us an”inside”on what Mom and Dad are doing on Christmas preparation. Somebody is getting a new cutting board and Mom’s got the 2022 family calendar ready for mailing. And cards coming up.

Northwoods Mennonite church needs a place to have sewing circle day right now. Our great room seems to fill that need. Of course, I love hosting such things, so it’s a good fit.

Lisl’s hens have decided to begin laying again. Now we can have beautiful baskets on our counters again and the best ever breakfasts for our winter mornings.

Latest lesson from my mom is to have cookies, dinner rolls and ice cream in the freezer at all times. This provides for me in two ways. Firstly, I am never caught off guard about unexpected company. Anything served with oven-warmed dinner rolls and fresh cookies is sufficient. And when these back up things are gone from the freezer, I know it’s time to bake again.

Homemade Christmas decor is our favorite kind.

We did not have a cookie day this year. I think we have been concentrating on getting past the flu and cold bugs and the month has melted away. Hannah managed to pull a short evening together of cookie making at Lisl’s, however. Thank you, Hannah.

Visits by the fire will be happening right along now through the Holidays. This has been a wonderful December, so far.

My journal is ready to be filled with the rest of our December joys and events. Thank You Jesus, for so great Salvation.

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