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It could be a dull January day, convalescing alone at home. My steamer purrs companionably or drearily depending on my attitude. The sun can’t decide what to do and keeps hiding, but the sky that’s showing behind the clouds is brilliantly blue. I’ve been detailing instead of moping.

Detailing at homemaking is doing those little unnoticed chores or cleaning or decorating that undone, begin to be part of the dying, dusty and dreary at home, sooner or later. Today is a perfect day to water plants and to empty the cookstove ash bin.

But with just a little extra. The geranium plants in the great room seems to be doing well albeit leggy. A sprinkle of Miracle Grow in the water pitcher is my little secret to happy greenery. So I did that today. It makes the loveliest difference in the long run beautifying our home. Last week I gave the fern a good shaking and shower in the sink. This week the fern thanks me.

This surface had no runner for a couple days till today. Just the little plaque, greenery, and candle, but today I need to light this candle for a fresher scent and ambience so I added these linen poppies. While I spread it out, another undone detail shows. It’s another day’s detail project. I’ll crochet a border on it.

I love tapers. I like them stored in a jar on a shelf with the big stoneware bowl and I like them lot in a brass holder.

I’ve been asked to get copies of this original of the Kauffman grandparent’s wedding picture. In case you think my whole day puttering about fun details is pointless silliness, here’s at least one thing that will make others happy too.

Francis found this lovely old art at the antique mall. It’s going to be added into my decor, but right now it fits here where I can see it against the ivy and white in the lamplight.

My stove fires have been choked and fitful lately. I can sure see why. I took the pan outside and dumped it out, down the hill into the woods. Yes, they were cold. Ever since we had a house fire after setting out the ashes on the porch in a metal bucket, (I can never be sure the fire didn’t get a start there), I carefully dump ashes safely, always.

Then I vacuumed the spills of cold ashes from inside before putting the pan back in. This evening when I build the fire, it will live and breathe and have being with one try.

Elv and I are planning to detail the cook stove itself. It’s our next project. Each piece will be sanded and painted as precisely as we know how. It will be a work in progress and there’s no hurry. Just like homemaking it will be a lot of thoughtful small details unnoticed by themselves that coming to the finish, will be a beautiful, useful part of our home.

This tree and wall art make me happy. Maybe it’s the snow and the old farm and living tree combination. Maybe it’s having found the art at the used shop, knowing I liked it, not knowing where I would use it, for five dollars. And I’ve been wanting a Norfolk pine again, so when Walmart cooperated, well then!

Be brave about creating beauty in your home. Shop your own attic and the used shop. Tend the details. Be thankful in your heart for a cleaned shelf, shiny glass, and a swept entry. Every little thing makes a big difference. You might as well enjoy the whole process of making home for then it will become beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Details, Home Stuff”

  1. Such a warm and happy post! I tend to neglect detailing until things get cluttered and dusty, so this encouraged me. I’d love to have coffee with you.


  2. You make homemaking sound lovely, cozy, inviting and desirable! This leaves me so inspired to make my own little home those things to my family and friends. Thanks so much for sharing your perspective and life!


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