Spring March

It’s spring now. Even during March there are evidences. In case you’re doubtful because we still get new snow often and each morning you still find yourself feeding the woodstove or turning up the thermostat, I wish to declare to you that I have proof.

  • The robins are back. Honestly, it has to be tough for them these weeks while it snows and thaws and freezes within each 24 hours period many days in a row.
  • And swans! Trumpeter swans have been hanging out in banks or bevies in the ponds that are being held in corn fields by the frost still in the ground. Yesterday, Lisl and I and her children sat, the Jeep windows rolled down, watching the geese, swans, and ducks. The geese were working on pairing with great hisses and wing spreadings and chases.
  • We’ve started seeds in Jiffy trays.
  • There’s mud and dirty snow everywhere.
  • Gardening is on the brain, and decor refreshings, and porch plantings, and outdoor cleanup.

I found Ikea wooden spoons while cleaning in one of the girls porches this week. They still had tags on them, forgotten and dusty. Homemakers joy for me is warming coconut oil and beeswax in a mix to make a perfect butter for oiling new wooden tools. And then on to my well-used cutting boards.

And here’s a thought about homemaker’s joy. It’s art, really, a satisfying way to beatify life at home, from oiling wooden spoons to repotting house plants. Dig in girls, love your home chores into art and pray for the many displaced home makers today who wish they had dishes to wash.

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