April is the month to wait: for the dirty old snowbanks to melt away, the mud to dry up, and the grass to green up. Not that there isn’t plenty to do while it slops around. I keep a rake outside my door, (don’t laugh, kids, it’s not for leaves) for raking up the firewood chips and other trash that the dogs and winter have spread out evenly everywhere, apparently to keep us distracted while we wait.

So all day long, grey skies leaked rain except when it turned to thick snow that didn’t accumulate. Mostly it was a wet, sloppy mix. But for all that I am thankful. Because it is spring and once we get through this phase, it will become green outside. Like it always does.

When was the last time you saw inside your husband’s heart? Wouldn’t you like to be able to do that? Maybe at last you could put to rest that niggling unease about what he really thinks of you. Just kidding. Elv had an echo-cardiogram this week. I sat with him while the technician took pictures of the inside of his heart for twenty minutes. We didn’t know what we were seeing entirely of course, but she pointed out valves and chambers. I marveled watching a valve open and close how it’s been doing that for over sixty years, unfailingly.

Constancy of the seasonal cycles and of a beating heart. God has it all in hand. Good night.

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