We had the rare privilege this week of witnessing an adoption in court. Our friends had been parents to two little Native American boys for five years. This stint of foster care with intent to adopt has been a long trial of patience, tears, and prayers. There were times that we all thought this day was never going to come.
I won’t go into detail here since it’s a long story, I just thought it bears a bit of shouting to say that finally the two boys are sharing the same last name as their long time parents. We listened to the parents affirm that they would tell the truth and nothing but the truth and so forth, then become the official parents of two little boys. It took five years…then, seven minutes to get it done.
There were a lot of tears streaming down cheeks yesterday when the judge made his final pronouncements, one of them being that the birth certificates shall be changed. He was a kindly gentleman who quickly consented to coming out from behind his desk to get his picture taken with the happy family. I have the picture of them. He has a hand on a shoulder of each the little boys with a parent on each side and his smile is just as wide as theirs.
Are we just as excited and pleased about having been adopted into the family of God? Since our birth certificates HAVE been changed are we living out the will of our Father in heaven?

3 thoughts on “Adoption”

  1. Ha, I came here to ask the same thing… where's the picture?! 🙂 I'm about sure it's Jeff's. Congrats to them! Wow, I can imagine the emotion going into that! I love how you said “It took five years…then, seven minutes to get it done.”


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