Garden Tea

The girls hosted a tea party a couple weeks ago. The enjoyment and delight that I felt while all this was happening came as a surprise to me. I had been focusing on getting the lawn and the house just right so much that I failed to anticipate how much of a celebration of womanhood this was going to be for all of us.

This little girl is all lit up with the joy of a real tea party. How many teas has she hosted with her little friends with dolly tea sets and little goodies granted from moms kitchen. This picture ought to be framed for her mother, don’t you think?

We had dainty food that everyone oohed and ahed over. We found out that “dainty” does not mean easy. But it was well worth it, everyone contributing to our food table.

One of the ladies and her daughters arrived in a carriage and wowed all of us immensely. Just the perfect touch for our party!

This was so much fun…so satisfying to all of us. There’s something very special about fragile tea cups, white lace, candles, flowers, and pretty things. Speaking for myself at least, there is a measure of healing from the hurry and work of daily life in a nicely laid tea table. I think God loves to pleasure us ladies with beautiful things.

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