The Nicest Anniversary Get-Away Yet!

Elv and I took the travel trailer and went “camping” on Black Lake last weekend. It was the nicest get-away we’ve ever had! The campground was very quiet…all the families with school children have returned to the city for school and work. It’s too cold for swimmers, and only dedicated fishermen would camp in late September in Wisconsin. There was one gentleman there from a nearby town who came to go grouse hunting and one or two other campers further down the line from us. We had our area to ourselves.

Another reason it was nice was that we had not taken umpteen projects to do. Instead of having games, movies, books, scrapbooking, and fishing to do; we spent a lot of time just reading and hiking. We left the canoe at home and couldn’t decide if we should go back for it…the lake was rather inviting, but we ended up not going after it. Elv and I walked 14 miles tallying up our three hikes! Not bad for grandparents. Oops! I almost spilled the beans ahead of time.

The third reason it was especially nice was that Elv did most of the cooking while I lolly-gagged around reading and writing letters and whatever I felt like doing. I guess you have to be married 27 years to know how special this is. Elv is a good cook, too. He’s bit focused on the meat end of things, but who am I to criticize? So he cooks and I do the clean-up. That is a perfect arrangement, I believe.

The fourth reason our weekend was so nice was that while we were there we became grandparents for the first time. I think that’s the nicest reason, don’t you?

I’m pleased to introduce to you Jubilant Dean Lattin. Parents Dru and Lisl Lattin work for the Lord in Thailand and we won’t be able to hold this little boy for a long time. That’s part of the reason I splurged and let you all see him and know his name on this blog. Count your blessings! all you readers who come here and never leave a comment. 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Nicest Anniversary Get-Away Yet!”

  1. Beautiful! Can you believe how fast those 27 years went by? Twenty-seven years ago my parents were at your wedding and then drove to MT to see their first grandson. I wish you could fly to Thailand and hold that little guy.
    ~ Dawn


  2. Hi. I just have to tell you the baby is gorgeous. And also his mother is probably just as sad that you are not able to hold him as you are. There is something about showing your baby off to your mom that would be so hard to miss. And by the way I am JoEllens daughter-in-law. I loved the pic of Lily and her girls on the horse and carriage too.
    Blessings for a rewarding day for you.
    Cheryl Weaver


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