Winter in October

Amy says, “Mom we’re gonna have so much fun next spring with all these leaves mixed in the snow!”
It won’t be fun. The leaves are on the trees instead of carpeting the ground like proper fall leaves by this time. There’s a mixture of snow and leaves and now more snow falling. Amy’s predictions imply the waiting and waiting we’re going to have to endure for the snow to all melt so that the leaves can dry out enough to rake. We rake up huge piles of leaves every fall and drag them off in tarps to the woods. Then
in the spring we do it again. At least this fall we can skip the raking with this snow coming so early. But next spring it’s going to be a lot of hard work to rake up the whole business at once…unless they’re still on the trees.
These comments are not meant to be considered complaining, I’m just wondering kind of in a isn’t-this-odd? sort of way. But lets think about happier things:

This is one of those pictures that I would like to frame. Not only because these two beautiful people belong to me, but there’s an idea here, as well, that makes you think of home and love and family and hope. Or am I just a sappy mom and marmee?!

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