Thanksgiving and Christmas

Elv’s family is going to be here for Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday after the Day. If they all come there will about 29 people here. We plan to seat all of us around the table using china and goblets. For those of you worried about having to do dishes half the afternoon; we’ve got that covered and if you are opposed to washing dishes on holidays you don’t have to help with them.

In the meantime while browsing a local used shop on a hunt for more cloth napkins for our dinner; I spotted a nativity set. I stood there for several sets of long minutes in my circling the store trying to decide if the half missing nose on one of the cows could be restored with molding clay or plaster, and if the camel with a few chips out of his ear and neck would be too noticeable once he had a fresh coat of paint. We left the store without the set. But I couldn’t get it out of my mind. For six dollars it seemed that I could at least try to restore it. So yesterday I went back and bought it. We unpacked the three wise men and each their camels, a rajah from India, three cows, and kneeling camel, a couple angels, a few shepherds, and of course, the Baby, Mary, and Joseph. The whole set is rather used, chipped, and faded, but the detail is good…the rough coats of the animals, little individual buttons and collars, and folds of the garments are all there.

Is there anybody out there looking for something to restore and beautify?

7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and Christmas”

  1. That is very cute and almost 'real'. It reminds me of Jan Karon's 'Shepherds Abiding'. Let me know what works for fixing nicks and chips and stuff, as one of my shepherds is missing the end of his staff.


  2. We can find nativity set here at the thrift stores right now up until Christmas….anyone want me to shop for them? I love to shop you know! Mom B found mine for me and I really like it. I can't wait to see what K thinks of it this year. It will be the first year he'll remember for this!


  3. I can't decide if I want to do a nativity set in Thailand or not…would it look like a set of idols to my Budhist friends? I've even wondered about my wisemen from Ray. Nevertheless, if one can have Christmas without snow, I suppose you can also have one without a nativity set, we did last year anyway.


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