Cozy Christmas Fireside Stories

We read them every Christmas. There are whole collections of quaint and pithy tales of woe turned to joy just in time for Christmas. These stories warm the soul just as surely as the fire in the living room fireplace warms the toes.
Charles Dickens wrote his famous Christmas Carol just before Yuletide one year to raise money because his own poor family was facing the prospect of a hungry Christmas, literally. The story was a hit and we’re still enjoying it.
My Grandpa wrote a story from his own experience of the winter they didn’t have any cash to buy the customary little gifts for the children. On Christmas Eve Day there was a check in the mail for just the amount they needed sent by a man who realized that God wanted him to send money to the Skrivseths.
I wonder how many folks this year are in the making of just the same kind of Christmas telling someday….stories that are not yet in the books and are real events of today!
Frankly, I think that the best fireside Christmas stories are the true happenings of real people. May our stories be full of the stuff of kindness, peace and goodwill toward all.
God bless us, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Cozy Christmas Fireside Stories”

  1. Groan…sounds like you gave Gabe another thing to post about…..I want Jenny to post next! 🙂

    I like the Christmas story about the guy who stepped on a pin and broke it and couldn't find the other end of it….he thought he was going to die….his wife found the other end but never told him because he was doing a wonderful job turning his life around….12 months later when things were good between them and such she gave him the other half of the pin….what's the name of it? I think it might be a Charles Dickens too but I'm not sure.


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