Another Thing Happening At Home

We had a grand Christmas vacation and everything was going along smoothly during the holidays until Elv’s back “went out”. One evening while we eating supper, the back of his chair fell off. UH! he caught himself. He caught everything but that one little vertebrate in his back which seems to have been left behind ever since, because the surrounding muscles have been protesting insistently.

We did the right thing and took him to the “punch doctor”, but not until five days later; the chiropractor was on his vacation, too, you know. By then the muscles were in the habit of making themselves known, declining to respond to the “punch” even a little bit.  

Today three weeks later we went to see PA Tom Nigbor in Hayward who recommended that we take Elv back  for another “punch” and prescribed some good pain killers.

It was just a little tiny vertebrate, just a little member, but it is causing great pain. There must be a lesson here somewhere.

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