Sunday Morning Musings

We woke up to snow falling this morning. It’s a wet, heavy snow…the kind that cause  half-dead overweighted branches to come crashing down startling us out of our hypnosis watching the stuff falling past our windows.  The few adventurous cars go by with a muffled sloshing.  It’s a perfect day for the quiet turning of pages, the crackle of a pine fire in the stove, and gentle snoring. 

In searching through my library for something to read, I came across three little books, a set, by Bruce Wilkinson. The famous or infamous? title, The Prayer of Jabez, was among them, so out of curiosity I decided to see what is in that book. Well, he writes that Jabez’s prayer was a three part prayer, but I like the fourth part of the verse, 1 Chronicles 4:10 paraphrased this way: Dear God, don’t let me hurt anyone.  It seems to me that while we are praying for increased borders, the presence of God’s hand, and safety from evil; that it might be a good idea to remember where others fit into the scope of things.

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