Visiting The Idaho Folks

Mom and I walked together every day last week.  On Monday after we got home from the airport Mom, Dad, and I walked out to 95, solving the worlds problems in our conversation as we walked.  

Tuesday it was just Mom and I.  We took the road the other direction. Wednesday I was at Shilah’s and April’s and so mom had to walk alone.

Thursday we went out to the Wildlife Refuge and walked along the dike for an hour.  It was very windy, but it didn’t matter, we still could talk while we walked. I kept looking for a moose, but had to settle for ducks instead.

Friday, Daddy went with us and this time we went to what I’ll call Workout Meadows.  A visionary person from their church had put in a paved road and wells and electricity up the gently incline on the side of a mountain.  We chuffed up the mountain and back down while I looked for grizzly bears.  No bears at all but there was plenty of scenery. 

So despite the fact that mom and I look rather windblown I am sure you can see that we had a nice time together for a week. 

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