I have been in Idaho and Nebraska the last ten days visiting family.  I suppose I should be inspired to write something….inspiring and thought-provoking after all those conversations with siblings and parents.  I should be inclined to at least be a bit eloquent having just held a grandbaby for the first time in my life.  The truth is I feel quite full and content.     Mom and Dad did a fine job of making me feel at home.  They have a beautifully grand, new home in the Rockies of Northern Idaho.  Mom delights in being queen of her castle.  But to tell the truth I liked April’s little mountain cabin even better which just shows you that I’m still a country farm girl after all.

    Besides visiting Shilah, Kristy, Norv and his family on their mountain side homestead, and Daytan and Judy, I enjoyed April and her babies a lot.  Olivia and Jemima are the sweetest babies, too.  I had a good time playing dolly with them before going to Nebraska to hold and hug Gwendolyn our first granddaughter.  

    I might add here at the end that although everyone was helpful and kind lifting my carry-on up and down for me, and the man watching a sick movie full of guns on his laptop was very polite otherwise, and I didn’t get a window seat twice…only once, that all the flights went fine.  Contrary to the “threat” thrust ever before us at airports, all the people I saw were ordinary people going ordinary places with ordinary goals.  I also discovered that MSP is more thorough and unfriendly toward people coming through security with prosthesis’s than is the Spokane airport. The Spokane ladies at security get a big A + from me for their kind and understanding method of seeing me through despite the fact that I set the alarm off just as loudly and surely as I had at the Minneapolis/St.Paul International Airport. 

4 thoughts on “Journeyings”

  1. Was so nice to have you here Arla, I really am never quite satisfied with how much time I get to share with my family that visits because of my own family priorities. Isn't it good to be home?


  2. I'm glad you had a nice trip, Arla. I still remember your parents' hospitality from when I visited them with Clark and Dru several years ago.


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