Nobody Knows the Trouble I seen…Nobody knows, But Jesus!

On our way up to Beaver Bay Saturday Elv got a call from our daughter in Thailand.  She needed to talk…that’s all…because it’s the very nicest thing to be able to talk over troubles with a dad even when one is married.  Her beloved was in the back ground, too, adding his two bits to us as we talked.

When I was a little girl; I thought it must be nice to be all grown up so that there wouldn’t be any fears and worries anymore.  It seemed to me that the grown-ups didn’t have anything to bother them…not afraid of the dark or of strangers. Obviously they could meet the unknown smiling graciously.

 Now I’m all grown up and I find that I need to call my Father in Heaven pretty often just to tell Him that I’m needing some help or comfort or forgiveness.  It ain’t easy being all grown up, after-all. 

Someone dear to me is in trouble.  I can’t do anything about it. All contact has been cut off for now.  I am having to choose daily to pray instead of thinking about how to fix it…to love instead of hating the people causing this.  Everyday is an exercise again in turning it over to Him Who Knows All.  I have to trust that my prayers are making a difference.

Once Crystal Yoder taught us that we must move away from the altar of resentment and go to the altar of lament with our troubles.  This is a daily journey for me walking away from resentment, deliberately choosing to pour my fears and feelings out to God without caving into the desire to hurt someone. That resentment just keeps cropping up right there in the way of my path to prayer.  I can think of a hundred reasons ways to have this fixed.  “Why doesn’t someone DO something?!” 

God will DO something in His own time. He asks, “Is there anything too hard for Me?” I have to believe this and hang on to it.  Dear God, keep all those precious people safe till then. In Jesus’ name, amg

3 thoughts on “Nobody Knows the Trouble I seen…Nobody knows, But Jesus!”

  1. Grown-ups not afraid of the dark or strangers….Sigh.
    In regards to the situation you mentioned, and another 'similar' situation, I had to think of them as we were singing the song “Transformed” on Sunday at church. I didn't sing that song as a prayer for myself that day, I sang it as my intersession for them. Just a thought I'm sharing.


  2. I'm here. Yes. Keep it up! Boy, is God ever going to get some glory out of this, and some really good lessons learned!


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