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Etiquette Is For Everyone

                  Ten Rules of Table Etiquette

      1. Don’t interrupt. Wait your turn to speak

      2. Speak quietly at the table.

     3. Your left hand belongs in your lap unless you are cutting your meat or breaking your bread to spread. 

     4. Never lay your used silverware on your mother’s/hostess’s clean table cloth. It belongs on the edge of your plate.

     5. Your napkin belongs in your lap while you eat. Fold it carefully and place it on your empty plate when you leave the table.

     6. Say “please” and “thank-you”.

     7. Pass the food all one way.

     8. Pay attention to others’ needs.

     9. Eat your vegetables using your fork.

     10. Thank your mother/hostess for the meal.

This comes as a result of a breakfast discussion with Amy (14), Frances (16), and Brad (11). I’m fascinated that they care to know these things and are noticing when others don’t use proper etiquette. I believe I have heard too many people making fun of “etiquette” as if it is below their dignity. Maybe they feel like Tigger who said, “I don’t know where my manners are; but I’m sure they’re having more fun than I am, wherever they are!”  What you believe and do about manners shows how much you care about others. We are instructed as Christians to be hospitable and gentle. Good manners!

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