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  1. Arla, just wondering…How old were your kids when they caught on to what Mothers Day is? I'm thinking maybe it comes eventually. I won't be tempted to pout… Happy Mothers Day to you as well… Shilah


  2. That's beautiful, Arla. I remember Mother's Day 2000, Elv got you a bouquet of 7 red roses and 1 white rose, and the white one was for Gwen. I remember that because I had lost a 19-wks-along-baby 2 months before Mother's Day that year and you said about your bouquet in Sunday School and I lost it and had to go out. And I still think of that every Mother's Day. 🙂 That was SO neat! And maybe he does that every year… I don't see a white rose, but I do see a tall green something that's different from the roses.


  3. Wow Kay,
    Thanks so much for reminding me of just when that was. I thought of it last night when he brought me these. It was a very special thing to me too, of course to have the white rose that year.


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