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A Page Of The Big Project

    This is what a Make The Cut program can do for scrapbooking.  All those daises are programed by my computer then sent to the Cricut to cut.  MTC means that now we can cut any shape or font we find.

    Having taken on the project of scrapbooking every single picture we have of our lives has been just fun.  Jennifer termed it a “colossal job” when I emailed her asking for the year of their wedding. 

     You had a lovely home reception, Jennifer.  Everything was as near to perfect for you as can be: the lawn, your mother’s flowers, and your dad’s wonderful maintenance of the home place are all in evidence. 

3 thoughts on “A Page Of The Big Project”

  1. Is this like the Sure Cuts Alot software? Does it really work? I'm thinking it might be a good option compared to buying all those cartridges!


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