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Crex Meadows and Other Adventures

We went to the wild life refuge over by Granstburg last Sunday. Crex Meadows is home to thousands of birds. We saw a few of them including swans, ducks, eagles, osprey, sandhill cranes, and a lot of little birds. When we got home we spent considerable time looking at our pictures and trying to identify two of the little birds.

We arrived there with about 5 too few binoculars, and not enough batteries for the camera’s we did have. Elv says that after this he’s going to have a video camera along as well.

We were very impressed with the flowers this year. These are Canada Anemone. There are lupines, columbine, iris, roses, and a yellow flower that is awesomely beautiful that we haven’t yet identified. At first we thought maybe the DNR had purposely planted them along the roads and that could be; but as far as I could see into the meadows and woods there were flowers.

Other adventures include having strawberries starting to ripen already and daises blooming in all the meadows and ditches. Since when do we have trillium and daises blooming at the same time?!
It’s summer time in Hayward, as well. Town is full of tourists! Now I want to be charitable here since our little town depends on them for the health of our economy. But driving through Hayward is a challenge. Those of us who are not tourists know that to navigate through town in a timely and, might I add SAFE way, you must take the route with street lights. If you think that you can take a short-cut by turning onto Railroad Street to leave town when you’re done at Wal-mart, you have another think coming! Now there are still a few new-comers who try this, so even though we take the lights to get our turn; we must remember the rookie Hayward tourist who thought he was going to beat the line of traffic and is now discovering to his mounting frustration that he will have to be fast and furious to get into the line of traffic. In other words, one should always be mindful of his wild decision at any moment to “just go”! Safe driving, everyone.
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1 thought on “Crex Meadows and Other Adventures”

  1. Thanks for posting about Crex Medows. When I worked at the fish hatchery, we used to sein minnows out of Phantom Lake. It really was a nice place to spend the day. The birds that impressed me were the cranes, the swans, and the very rare for this area golden eagle that landed on a crag just ahead of where we were wading. Of course, the deer flies and other biting insects can get really thick out there too.


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