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Saturday Evening

It’s late Saturday night.  The house is clean, the lawn mowed, the garden freshly tilled, and Elv put a lot of tools, canoes, and stuff away.  He took the trash away and washed the pickup too. In short we had a perfect Saturday finished off with rain.
Next week, Frances starts Drivers Ed. I admit that I am dreading the learning to drive part where I sit in the passenger seat.  She has driven a snowmobile and a four wheeler a plenty though so maybe she won’t over steer or under steer and scare the wits out of me as did her older sisters.  
The garden is mostly up now. The potatoes have been coming up in stages over a four week period.  Even today when I was weeding I found some brand new baby taters peeking up.  The tiller Elv bought from his brother Steve is a marvelous litte Troy-Bilt.  Do you remember those ads where the man is walking behind his tiller guiding it one-handed?  This is the one they made the advertisement about.  Love that tiller!
This month the girls have a benefit concert to go to and a recital coming up. The concert is to raise money for the local Pregnancy Crisis Center. They always enjoy it. The recital is to be held at the Valley Nursing Home so that the old people can enjoy it, too.  What a good idea! Personally recitals put me on pins and needles.  I know exactly where my daughters usually miss the note. I guess a recital is not a competition and I’ve seen parents hold up grandly even though their child was messing up horridly. I wish I could be less emotionally involved somehow and yet be the good mom I want to be.
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3 thoughts on “Saturday Evening”

  1. I too can feel for you and those recitals. I think I can get more worried then they do, But thier teacher tells them to keep on smiling and pretend that that is what it was suppose to sound like and most poeple are non the wiser for it. 🙂 Valita


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