Princess House

I remember when Princess House and Interior Decorating were all the rage for home makers.  I was invited to parties and I even went… to covet mostly, I admit.  Normal people couldn’t afford the wonderful household pretties these companies offered.  At one of those parties I bought a set of small square mirrors.  I still have one of those mirrors but it doesn’t decorate my house. It’s old and alone and too small to be of any use.

One of Lisl and Dru’s wedding guests gave them a Princess House vase.  They had it in storage and had never used it.  Lisl admired it when she opened her wedding gifts and put back in it’s box. Then she went to Thailand.  The vase sat in storage along with their other possessions to be forgotten for over two years.  Last month when she came home, she found it and brought it in to me.  “While I’m home, I want to use this vase.” 

The vase is beautiful.  The little lid with holes for the top lets you arrange the flowers nicely with plenty of space.  Even the stems are beautiful through the glass and water.  I looked it up on line to see what it’s worth in dollars.  Etsy has one, not as large, without the lid for 18 dollars.

It’s worth a lot more than that to me to have fresh flowers on my table all summer from the garden.  Thanks, Lisl, for sharing this lovely vase with me while you’re home.  

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