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Life Is Short…

  We have been reminded of that again this week.  Aunt Barb went to glory after a short illness with her second bout of cancer.  Elv and I dream of the future like any other couple: being out of debt, going into service for CAM, having a cabin in the woods to come home to, and travel to the places we’d like to see someday.  What a jolt it must be to those couples who must part ways before the dreams come true.  Ray and Elsie had dreams to give up, too.  

I think it’s a call to couples to live happy today before the future gets taken away.  Now, while there are bills to pay; we must take time to play, too. I don’t want to let our dreams of the future rob us of the joys of today.   Today is good, too.  

And one more thought.  We are becoming today who we are going to be tomorrow.  Am I in my relationship with God and my husband becoming the woman I want to be tomorrow.  Do I think that I can be impatient with Elv today while dreaming of being a gracious wife when I’m sixty.

1 thought on “Life Is Short…”

  1. Aw, I wanna be just like you. Good advice here. Love the thing of living happy today… if I wait til my ducks are in a row and everything is 'perfect', I'd never get to the 'live in the moment' part. Lovely picture of you guys, esp after I opened it up bigger and saw you're laughing instead of just smiling. 🙂


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