homemaking in the northwoods

Summer’s Almost Over

Summer’s at the end: school books are ordered, it’s cool outside, the garden is tired and full of surprises, and I’m getting the urge to make firewood.  I promised Elv that if he’d bring home the firewood logs; Brad and I will make it all into stove wood.  I love that work of “splitting and ricking” the winters wood.  It’s every bit as fulfilling as creating rows and rows of colorful canned goods on white shelves down in the pantry.

Another good sign of fall is having spent an hour at Menards today with TheDH pricing a new woodstove.  We also bought two, much needed ceiling fans.  I’m getting the urge to clean and decorate anew, especially in the kitchen.

 Geneva created a welcome sign for this house which I am still looking at and enjoying, trying to decide just where it would best fit. It’s lovely!  I’ll show it to you when I find it’s spot.  

And there are plans to install the wood/gas cook stove before too long.  There’s talk of a pot rack, and lick and stick stone for behind the stove.  We are still working on just where in the living room the fireplace (stove with a glass door) should be positioned for the best feel and look of cozy and comfortable. 

The black berries are ripe and hanging full on the brambles.  Does anybody want to don denim and come with me to the woods?

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