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Cave Time


lance 003 ( Thanks, Lance, for this picture of the Split Rock Lighthouse on the North Shore of Lake Superior.)


I have been trying to get this post on “paper” now for several days.  With reunion pictures to sort and photo stories to create I have been distracted.

Elv preached Sunday about David…the poet, the shepherd boy, the giant killer,the man who recognized a smart woman when he met one (Abigail), the ‘man after God’s own heart’.  He pointed out lessons from these and other scenes in David’s life. The one that struck a chord with me was when David sought cave time. 

David had been called in to the presence of his father-in-law to play music.  Saul was “troubled” the Bible says.  David played skillfully as usual though, no doubt, somewhat distracted with his eyes on those trembling, bejeweled hands toying with a javelin just across the room there. David certainly had reason for snatching his escape when he heard the twang of the spear leaving the sheath.  The relationship with his wife’s father had not been overly cozy lately… rather touch and go actually.

A quivering javelin in the wall just behind where David had been was all that Saul had for his efforts at unleashing his frustration.  Michal, David’s wife, understood the signs perfectly and ushered her dear poet out of harm’s way.

With this and other stressful adventures; David needed some cave time.  He moved into the depths of Adullam Cave only to be joined by a bunch of losers. I don’t know how he felt about it; but I would have been profoundly annoyed to have my cave time so rudely interrupted.  These guys were not your ordinary adventurers.  To meet their needs, David ended up being a counselor and a financial advisor.  Not my idea of good cave time!  But he seemed to have the wisdom and know-how to turn discontented, distressed and in-debt guys into a productive little band of helpers to him.   As it turned out some of those rascals ended up giving him their lifetime of good work in David’s kingdom.

This is a  whole new angle on cave time for me.  I expect to GET during cave time.  I expect to REST during cave time.  How about you? 

3 thoughts on “Cave Time”

  1. Yeah we kind of have our expectations for cave time don't we. Hmm…
    I've been thinking about Abigail ever since Sunday. Not sure what I'm going to come up with, and I'm not sure I'll be posting it, might be too controversial. 🙂


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