Improvements …

  Fall work has begun here now.  The new ceiling fan in the living room and the new hot water system in the basement are proofs of that.  We have planned how to install a fireplace in the living room.   We didn’t plan for a dead refrigerator.

I am kind of glad now that it’s over that the fridge did die.  It was big and white.  It was too deep and the contents just out of reach, always.  But it’s hard to accept the death of an expensive appliance that isn’t ten years old. So I don’t blame us for taking our time to process the facts before giving up.  Yesterday in Elv’s morning prayer he asked God to guide us and just admitted to God that we’d be just as happy with a good used fridge as the new one we had spotted on the Best Buy website.

One of my friends suggested I look on Craigslist to see if anyone had a used fridge for sale.  In the meantime I’d called both Best Buy stores in our area only to find out that they’d have to order and it would be a week before we could pick it up.  What do you know, someone had a fridge for 75 dollars listed just the day before. 

So last night Elv and I drove over to  the boonies near the Michigan border and found an old used side by side that fits our needs perfectly.  It’s tan and brown fitting right into our cabin scheme of things and it’s not too big, and I can see and reach in without bending over with my head cocked just so for  my bi-focals to work.  It’s an answer to prayer!

And we got a nice drive through the wilderness seeing a bear, two coyotes and a few deer.  The sky was a grand show complete with a falling star and moon rise around midnight. 

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