The Great Rescue

Have you been following the Chilean rescue? I start to feel claustrophobic just hearing about it.  But last night while they were finally getting the rescue underway I thought how the Bible says that on that last day there will be folks wishing the rocks would fall on them.  Now these 33 men have been down there for over two months hoping and praying to be rescued from their underground tomb.   They have the same earthly sense of reality that we all do and I’m sure the mental stress has been significant.  (I think I’d be “nuts” by now.  But then I would not go down into a mine in the first place because I know that about myself. )

But what about that Last Great Day of the Lord.  What is it that is going to flash on the intelligence and heart knowledge of every person that will completely change our reality?  What will it be that will cause anyone who isn’t ready to wish for the rocks to fall on them.  Can you imagine that people will wish to ride that capsule back down there into that mine rather than to face Creator God the Judge?  Not even the most dedicated follower of Jesus has this sense of eternity and judgment!

May those families being reunited find salvation in Christ.

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