Cabin Rooms




These before and after pictures don’t say the half of what was needed and what happened. I didn’t’ realize how badly the walls needed painting until Elv put the stove in this room.  I took the opportunity to try what I have been seeing in pictures…to paint in rich colors instead of the standard cream or white.  This color is Warm Bark. We painted the floor a brick red and then I sponge painted the Warm Bark in a floor paint over the red.  The ceiling is a warm cream/tan color. It’s nice.  

And here is a plug for the paint man at Hardware Hank in Hayward.  He took my three paint samples and listened to my wishes taking notes and making good recommendations.  He understood exactly what I wanted when I asked for him to use the same warm bark color in just a quart of floor paint for the sponge painting.  He sent me off to do other things while he created just what I needed.  He had everything to perfection at pick-up time.  And the following is just a corner of the results.


5 thoughts on “Cabin Rooms”

  1. Very nice, Arla! Looks like your paint man must be the same quality caliber as our paint lady at Lowe's. Hooray for helpful sales people!
    Lori B.


  2. Hm.m.m. so what kind of paint do you use for the floor? I keep thinking that some weekend I need to do the waiting room at the shop. I was going to do a brick red, and we have the stone for that we used for concrete, I was going to do gray stones over it. But…the wall are brown paneling, maybe I need the warm bark one mine too! Do you clear coat it with anything then?, or just have thepaint?


  3. Dena,
    I went floor paint shopping hoping that I could buy a paint that I could make the color I wished for. Sure enough I could pick a shade in any color that I liked and they mixed it for me. Another pleasant surprise was that I could get porch and floor paint in a latex satin. I much prefer latex because it doesn't smell noxious and it's water cleanup. I asked him if it would wear just as well. He said that it dries in an hour or so but hardens for the next thirty days at which time it would be hard enough to scoot furniture over. So there you have it. And the warm bark color was a Valspar sample which he did not mind at all using in his own Hardware Hank brand.


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