homemaking in the northwoods



From all those messes we’ve been making around here.  We pulled out the boiler, and emptied the furnace room downstairs. See: 



So to come to the supper table to our own homespun oasis is nice.  I was going to set the chicken and biscuit hotdish on the table there, too, in all it’s deepdish stoneware glory and take a picture.  But the men were terribly hungry and could not wait for the biscuits on top to be golden brown. 


        Yes, the flowers are from the garden.  The placemats are a freebie from sorting clothes to send to CAM.  The napkins and the wooden rings are part of my ongoing collection.  Oh, the table cloth was a free find as well.  Having a pretty table doesn’t have to be a special occasion.  Anytime the family is together is special enough to celebrate with nice things.


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