Granddaughter Visit

What richness! A whole long weekend with the Nebraska children. The men worked hard on Delvin’s house on Saturday, while we women stayed at home by the hearth and visited with Jenny’s friends who came by turns to see her. On Sunday we had the whole afternoon and evening for visiting and playing games. Games for the weekend were: Ticket to Ride, Catan, Rook, and (of all things) Risk. Jenny and I spent hours making cut-outs for her baby scrapbook with MTC (Make The Cut) and the Cricut. She said, “I could really get into this!” Outside the wind and rain were amazing making havoc of the yard and woods, especially from our vantage point on this side the window. Most of all we enjoyed having Gwen here. She was easily convinced that we are part of her realm. Such a person, already!

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