Twenty-one Year Old Son


The one in the brown there.  He just stood up from the living room couch and kicked over a glass on his way out of the room.  Of course it shattered off along the rim paralyzing him with a foot on either side the damages. “How did that get there?”  He bent over and picked up the pieces that he could while Frances came along with the broom and swept up the rest.  She assured him that “it jumped out in front of your foot.”

  Lance needs a haircut badly…again.  Why doesn’t he learn to cut his own hair?!  I wait for him to ask for a haircut…and pray for his future wife to come along and rescue me.   Sometimes I wonder if she exists.  I think he wonders too.

He’s annoying one day and wonderful the next.  This morning he did not want breakfast at eight when the skillet was still hot.  But he wanted it at ten when we were just settling into late school.  GRRR!

Last week he came home from work and helped me with that terrible project of removing hoses and pipes and junk from the basement walls and ceilings. And every fall he brings me a birthday gift.  This fall he brought chocolates and stressed out because that was all he did.

It’s a lonely age.  He’s too big to hug and kiss like I did when he was two for the hurts in his life.  But I pray that he and others in shoes like his will find their comfort and hope in Jesus.  It’s the perfect time in life to seek God and burn out for Him.

3 thoughts on “Twenty-one Year Old Son”

  1. Lance is going to wonder why he bought you chocolates after he reads this post. 🙂 We miss Lance and wish he'd come see us. And stay for a while. We have some really good memories of the spring he was here…the best times were when he'd decide to talk.


  2. We miss Lance too. He's my favorite 21-year old BIL. Lance doesn't always say tons, but when he says one sentence, it tends to have quite a bit more weight than the paragraphs floating around in the air.

    Who took your new blog banner picture? I like it muchly.


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