Reformatting December 2010

I had a bad bug in my computer. This bug would throw up red boxes onto my screen at random and then emit a fierce weird scream.  Besides it held the whole security system hostage.  I could not scan for it.  I could not put it in quarantine. And as I frantically tried to gather the thing up and throw it out it began to multiply. As of this morning I had 26 of them.  I’ll admit that it was a little unnerving for me. So unnerving that I failed to make sure I had backed up my photographs properly. Thus I lost three months of pictures including our Two Lakes Anniversary Camping Pictures.  

So Clark came over to spend our winter storm at our house and reformatted the computer.  This is just as good for a computer as repentance and conversion is for a sinner like me.  Everything is fresh and new and works quickly.  No more red boxes, no screams, no truncated operations for unknown reason, and no more apologetic pop-ups from windows. 

But the pictures I lost.  Oh, it feels badly. They’re gone forever, just like my sins in the deep blue sea.  I want the pictures back.  But I can’t. So get over it! 

I am glad that God’s computer…the one that He keeps our names in, never needs any backing up, nor any reformatting unless you call the blood of Jesus and His intercessory work back-up.

2 thoughts on “Reformatting December 2010”

  1. I too am glad that God's book can't crash.

    About your pictures. Any you uploaded to this blog should be easy to recover. Also, if you e-mailed any of them to anyone, they can send them back. You probably already thought of these things, but just in case…


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