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Wake Up Call For Us Moms

We tell our children that tomorrow’s world is going to be much different than today’s.  We tell them that they will have worse or more intense evil to face and to teach their children against.  It’s a scary future if you get to focusing on the news or listening to too much VCY America radio. 

Being aware of the things that are happening in our world is one thing.  Being prepared and preparing our children to stand up for Jesus is THE thing. How are we going to do this? By making sure there is a Bible class at school? By making sure the children behave in Sunday School? Those are good things, but it is you, Mommy, who has all this time with your little ones. Whereas I don’t think a panicked cram session each day is the answer ( it might be, though); I believe there would be a lot more attention given to making sure the children know their Bibles if we had just a five minute glimpse into the world they are going to face. I am not terribly impressed if your precocious infant can quote a movie… I have heard enough of that even in our own home. I wonder how many Bible verses they can quote! And when my/your child is asked about his or his parents beliefs, can he answer that as readily as he can the “wonders” of technology?

What about our day to day living? Do you realize that our daughters are going to be passionate about the same things in life as we are?  I know of young ladies who have disappointed their respective mothers with their current church choice but are following their same mothers  carefully  in the arts and practice of homemaking.  I conclude that we pass on what we really care about.  It’s what we LIVE everyday that cuts the mustard, not what we only talk about or do once a week.

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