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It’s February

   It’s the month of  the celebration of LOVE…Valentine’s Day.  The annual couples supper is planned. The couples from our church and others in acquaintance are invited to attend a supper in the conference area of Norske Nook in Rice Lake. We always have a guest speaker.
   It’s the month of Our Wedding Anniversary for two of our daughters.  Lisl and Dru the 28th/29th.  Jenny and Gabe the 14th.
   It’s the 29th anniversary of our house fire.  Shep woke us howling mournfully to red/orange flames making a glow on all our bedroom windows. Seconds after we left our bed, the flames broke through the glass and leaped in, licking and then gobbling up all flammable materials before our very eyes. Curtains.  It’s not a happy memory.
   It’s the birthday of the best man in the world. He will be 49 years old this year which is mighty close to 50!
   It’s Sugar On Snow in Beaver Bay, Minnesota.  Bring the whole family on the last Saturday of the month to a living history event to see wood workers, a candle maker, spinning, and many other interpreters of our history.
  It’s the month of the famous Birkebiener Ski Race.  It happens to be a world class race with tall Norwegians and other foreign skiers from around the world attending and participating.  They haul snow in to cover main street in a foot of hard packed whiteness so that the thousands of contestants ski into town to the finish line for a lot of hoopla and celebration. For lowly, local citizens like me it is a good idea to stay at home for the day since it’s impossible to get from here to anywhere due to blocked streets and streams of people.
  It’s the first time in weeks for Old Sol to actually feel a bit warm if you were to stand out there in the snow and reflect some sunlight. You could almost begin to think of spring on a day like that in February.

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