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Crex Meadows On a Sunday Afternoon In April

 Welcome to the local wildlife refuge.  We had a very small gathering that Sunday so Lance and Kristine "hosted" a Crex outing for the afternoon and evening. We all got into four vehicles and headed over to Grantsburg.  Crex Meadows is the most beautiful spot in Wisconsin in April. Do go over to the webpage. You'll see… Continue reading Crex Meadows On a Sunday Afternoon In April

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The Week In Words

     Actually, the week started last Saturday instead of thinking in the usual way that it starts on Monday. Or that's just my way of notching my stick, I suppose. Anyway, it's Saturday again.    Last Saturday at this time Elv and I four-wheeler-ed up to our lamp-lit cabin and clambered down the snowbank… Continue reading The Week In Words

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Starting Out At The CabinElv's and Brad's snow shoe tracks.Coming Up Buck MountainLance wondered just how much good these snowshoes were doing.As long as we without snowshoes stuck to the snowmobile track we didn't sink down into the snow.On a Sunday afternoon tramp up to Buck Mountain behind our cabin.