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Crex Meadows On a Sunday Afternoon In April

 Welcome to the local wildlife refuge.  We had a very small gathering that Sunday so Lance and Kristine “hosted” a Crex outing for the afternoon and evening. 
We all got into four vehicles and headed over to Grantsburg. 
Crex Meadows is the most beautiful spot in Wisconsin in April. 
Do go over to the webpage. You’ll see the very picture I’d love to be able to get. 

 Katherine was very enthused about this sight seeing process. I have to say that some people like this sort of thing more than others. Elv and I tend to assume everyone will enjoy this as much as we do.

Nest builders.


 Yes, here is my photography.  All you see is a wanna-be picture of a couple of male mergansers. At least I know what they are, huh! 

 A couple of our favorite people. And Clark’s camera there. Look at that long nose of a lens paraphernalia. Wow! 

I haven’t seen his collection of pictures. I wish he’d post a few of his. Don’t you? 

 The best seat for this show is in the bed of the pickup. Binoculars help, too.

 A beaver condominium. The sky/water play was awesomely beautiful that day. I think Crex Meadows is one of our favorite-est spots to appreciate God’s power and majesty here in Wisconsin in the spring.

If you look closely you’ll see a beaver swimming there in the picture above.

  Often the wild fowl are not worried about our presence, but this goose was not impressed and had his or her neck all stretched out protesting loudly. 

 See the red buds there in the woods? This is a true sign of spring. Trees are brilliant in fall here, but they are colorful in spring too. They all flower, and the maple flowers are astounding on close inspection. When they fall, the ground below them is a red carpet. 

 We had our picnic supper there by the water. Warm spring breeze and our fellowship was a relaxing way to spend the evening. 
Lance was MC for our supper. Doesn’t he look it?

 I asked Christina to take a picture of us. So often on these excursions I have no pictures of the two of us for the record. So we fixed that for this time.

 Watching wildlife requires patience and quiet. But we know how to do that. It is rewarding, too. A pair of swans was turning in for the night right below our picnic spot after supper. 
Clark and I worked at getting their portrait. My photographs are grainy. But, I think Clark has some pretty nice ones. He had quite a lot of zoom and power to go with it.

                           The perfect way to end a good day.

4 thoughts on “Crex Meadows On a Sunday Afternoon In April”

  1. I have the same complaint about people taking pictures of Clark and I at events. Ahem. I keep remembering how the lake looked at the picnic spot that evening. Very picturesque, and nothing a person can ever capture on a camera.


  2. How come we missed Crex the spring we were home? I remember talk of going one day, but it ended up a very cold day I think. And we didn't want to take babies out maybe? Some day I'd like to go. And Dru has never been to Cheney either…is it even possible to get there anymore? Someday…next furlough or something.


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