Real Smiles


Reading in Job this morning I found him bemoaning the lack of a Mediator.  He mentioned not knowing when God was around and if he did happen to notice doubt would set in anyway.  I think we women would have to agree that such thoughts are familiar.  We are masters at doubting that God is orchestrating what is happening to us and around us. It is really easy to get to concentrating on God’s justice. We are sure of the negatives!  Yes, Job was very down in the mouth in this chapter. Then in verse 27 he said, “I will put away my complaint, I will put away my sad face, and wear a smile.”  Of course it was satire. We all know it takes more than words to wear a smile.  There has to be a work in the heart.  And that is where Jesus comes in.  So, life is tough sometimes, and it sure does look like God has passed us by. But Jesus came and created that needed link between us and God by dying for us.   He satisfied that Justice with his Own Lifeblood. Jesus makes us sure of the positives, instead. 
                           Yeses and  Smiles, for real, to all of you!

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