Funeral Reunion

We went to Uncle Herman’s funeral today. There were around 600 people in attendance… two thirds of which were cousins or nieces and nephews of Uncle Herman.  That is a lot of people in one place!  (Cousins or not!)

The singing was awesome.  The Hersheys are good singers anyway, but put that many of them in one place and you have the most amazing sound.  Uncle Herman taught us to love to sing… that timing, tempo, and dynamics are important. His enthusiasm was contagious.  Today we sang them just we would have, had he been up there leading them as he did long ago.  His grandson leading them today did a fine job; but it did not hold a candle to his grandpa’s song leading.  Sorry, Mr.Hershey, please don’t take it personally.

3 thoughts on “Funeral Reunion”

  1. Good to see you Sunday, Arla. I didn't make it to the funeral but can imagine the singing! Our family and the Hersheys used to get together when we were much younger and sing/have a good time. They even have some singing taped on one of the old reel-to-reel tapes. 🙂 Connie


  2. Hi Connie,
    I kept searching in my mind for your name the other evening. How dumb is that! I finally figured it out in the middle of the night while I was awake and thinking like we do sometimes. Good for me! I remember Uncle Herman entertaining our family one evening with his reel-to-reel recordings long ago.


  3. i am honored to be in the same church fellowship w/ Loyal & i see him as a godly man who would do anything for anybody. we all love his 'from the belly laughter!' his story is amazing! Esther Glick


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