Our Cabin

Everybody is curious about how we came to have a cabin in Minnesota. Some of you will be satisfied to know that the owner thereof didn’t think he could use it anymore and offered to sell it to us. So we bought.
At any rate, this cabin is “off the grid” and rather unfinished.  Even so, it is habitable and nestled in the spruce on the iron range in NE Minnesota.  At night, the stars hang just above the tree tops out the bedroom window and the sound you hear is the ore train now and then instead of traffic. It’s quiet there. A cook stove in the kitchen is the soul of warmth and a grand place to cook and bake.  I still have to learn the quirks of this particular stove in order to bake in it. There are muddy bear paw prints on the outside of one of the living room windows that I am anxious to wash off. No kidding. In fact I think we will leave the print that is on the tyvek when we wash the window.

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7 thoughts on “Our Cabin”

  1. Oh to reach out and touch the stars again. I remember as a kid growing up, laying out on the grass, just looking at the huge maze of stars.


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